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Did you know that suicide is now the leading killer of young people in Australia?

More young people are lost to suicide than to the road toll, or to any disease. The presence of a caring adult – not necessarily a parent – is the single biggest predictor of positive mental health outcomes for young people.

However, the more risk factors a young person faces, the less likely they are to have a natural mentor in their life? This is not OK.

Raise Foundation aims to fill this gap by providing young people with a confiding relationship with a trusted adult, a positive role model, during the critical teenage years.

Our vision is to create thriving communities by empowering our young people to become resilient, capable and connected through best practice mentoring programs

In 2018 we are supporting over 1000 young people most at risk through our mentor programs in schools and in the community. Help us provide a mentor for another 1000 young people next year.

Each of our volunteer mentors is provided with 12 hours of TAFE accredited training prior to being matched with a young person. Our fundraising target of $50,000 will allow us to train another 250 mentors in 2019.

Walk Upstream with Raise - Together we can make a REAL difference.

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Dignity Freedom Network

For over 2,000 years, tens of thousands of girls in India have been illegally forced into ritual sex slavery.

Girls as young as 5 or 6 are dedicated to the goddess Yellamma in a marriage-like ceremony and thereafter known as Joginis.

They are dedicated and initiated without their consent, and usually have no knowledge of what becoming a Jogini will involve. After reaching puberty she becomes the property of the village and can be used by any man, anywhere, anytime; and is trapped in a life of sexual servitude.

It is estimated that there are over 100,000 Joginis. Sexually transmitted diseases and ill-health are rife, mental health issues are rampant and dignity is non-existent. They are stigmatised and abused physically, sexually, emotionally and financially. Most are illiterate, struggle with substance abuse and live in extreme poverty.

The practice was banned in 1988, but continues to this day.

Our holistic approach identifies vulnerable girls and works to prevent their dedication. Through education and lobbying at grass-roots and government level we see far fewer dedications occurring in the 250 villages where we have workers. We want to expand to 300 villages by the end of 2019.

Every increment of $1,600 enables us to commence working in a new village for a year.

Our goal is to see the Jogini system completely abolished in the next 10 years.

Money raised through the Upstream Challenge will help us achieve this goal. .

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FareShare’s mission is simple. We rescue food that would otherwise go to waste and cook it into free, nutritious meals for vulnerable people.

We operate Australia’s largest charity kitchens and cook 6,000 meals every day in Melbourne. Our healthy meals are distributed free to front line charities such as homeless shelters, women’s refuges and soup vans to feed the most vulnerable people in our community.

FareShare is supported by a wonderful team of 1,000 regular volunteers in Victoria who help us cook, rescue, deliver and grow food. We also enjoy the help of around 6,000 school and corporate volunteers every year.

Funds raised through the A2 Upstream Challenge will power FareShare’s Melbourne kitchen. Our walk-in cool rooms and freezers run around the clock in our kitchen and warehouse to enable us to rescue and store as much nutritious food as possible. Our industrial ovens and electric saucepans are in constant operation six days a week in an effort to cook 1.5 million meals a year. Unfortunately, this comes at a significant cost. With the support of the A2 Upstream Challenge, we hope to power our vital kitchen and warehouse equipment for a whole year. This will allow us to focus on what we do best – rescuing food and cooking more free, healthy meals for people in need. Please support FareShare and power our kitchen.

The Isabella and Marcus Foundation

What do we fear most as parents? It would be fair to say that it is the health and safety of our children. For many families this fear becomes a reality when they receive a diagnosis of brain cancer.

Brain cancer kills more children in Australia than any other disease. Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG) is the worst brain cancer, typically affecting children of primary school age, with no curative treatment and therefore no survivors. DIPG is a debilitating disease, reducing their quality of life very quickly as nerves are progressively damaged by the tumour in the brainstem.

The Isabella and Marcus Foundation was established in 2010 and has been funding research to develop treatments for DIPG. We are getting closer to this goal but we need to do much more. The Upstream Challenge funds PhD scholarships to get young, eager science graduates into labs to study DIPG. Research is the key to developing treatments.

Children should not be dying from brain cancer in 2019. These kids need our help. Their families need hope. Together we can do something about it. Find out more about IMF

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Her Heart

Her Heart is a Melbourne based charity committed to working with women in raising awareness for heart disease. Not many people know that we lose one woman every hour in Australia to a disease that is 80% preventable. Her Heart is the only global organisation focused on women’s heart health, speaking to women, about women, for women. Today, more than 90% of women in Australia have at least one risk factor for heart disease, and over half of these women have two or more. Heart disease kills more women than all cancers combined, with the highest risk group being women aged 25-40.

Her Heart has fast become the go-to-place for women to access the latest research findings, clinical information, health and lifestyle advice around heart disease for women. We empower women through giving them knowledge, and encouraging them to act on this through changing their lifestyle. By 2025, Her Heart aims to reduce unnecessary deaths from heart disease by 50%.

Our funds will go to build community groups and support women’s networks to advocate for good heart health. This will be achieved through creating a comprehensive online hub of resources and information for all women, creating events for women to promote heart health, and focus on the benefits of keeping an active lifestyle.

Dr Linda Worrall-Carter established Her Heart to raise awareness, drive changes and reduce the death tolls in Australia, and globally.

Find more about Her Heart here: www.herheart.org

Upstream Foundation have raised over $2.6 Million and supported many outstanding projects over the last thirteen years, some of which are listed below.

Summer Foundation - Building housing demonstration projects to provide concrete examples of alternatives for young people living in nursing homes.

FareShare - Rescuing food from farmers, supermarkets and businesses that would otherwise go to waste and cook nutritious meals to be distributed to people who are struggling to make ends meet. Funds raised enabled the fitout of the new kitchen and setup of a FareShare garden to guarantee the supply of fruit  and vegetables.

Disability Sport & Recreation – Disability Sport and Recreation provides and promotes positive health outcomes for Victorians with disability through participation in sport and recreation. Funding from the Upstream Challenge was used to help develop the Athlete Visitation Program which aims to engage children with disabilities and their families to support networks. The program educates participants about equipment, programs and opportunities available.

Samaritan's Purse - Building "Water for Life" in Cambodia: Samaritan's Purse community development programs transformed villages and neighborhoods, and helped families become self-supporting. Funds raised in the 2007 Upstream Challenge enabled the installation of water filters and community wells for villages in Cambodia.

Leprosy Mission - Projects were supported in several countries including Nigeria and India to provide vocational training centres and medical treatment.

Beyondblue - beyondblue is the national, independent, not-for-profit organisation working to raise awareness of depression, help reduce the stigma associated with the illness and encourage people to seek help.

Camp Quality - The project funds camps for kids and their families living with cancer.

Entrust - The project supported was to build a school aimed at providing high quality, heavily subsidized education to poor Dalit children in Tamil Nadu, India.

Leukaemia Foundation - The project supported was to supply a patient transport vehicle for patients with leukaemia and their family while seeking treatment.

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